As with writing, my purpose in coaching is to contribute to your wellness. I do this by helping you articulate your purpose and values and define the course of action you need to take in order to align your life with them. I also give you that extra push to strengthen your resolve along the way and provide you with tools to get you from where you are, to a place that resonates with you.


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- I adopt specialist techniques and tools based on psychological principals to confidently push past emotional and mental barriers.


- I ask a lot of questions, probe and push buttons to dig deeper and unravel your raw and uninhibited truth.


- I help you explore, disentangle and articulate your thoughts, fears and desires in confidence without feeling judged.


- I create practical ways for you to measure your progress and note the positive changes you're making so you can appreciate how far you’ve come.


- I speak Arabic, English (and a little Farsi) and foster an open hearted and culturally sensitive approach.


- I connect using humor, wit and compassion to lighten the experience.



- Dissonance and identity conflict – Resolving the incongruence between different belief systems, to create a happier and more authentic existence.


- Values - Articulating and living by your values, to align your life with your moral compass and lead from what’s important to you.


- Sense of purpose - Identifying your purpose and the steps you need to take, to realise your highest potential and live a life of meaning.


- Confidence building – Using cognitive based techniques, to draw boundaries and replace negative thinking habits with positive affirming ones.


- Relationships – Understanding your respective needs and adopting specialist tools, to improve your communication and increase romantic longevity.


I live between London and Dubai. When I am in London, I work out of Omniya, a health and beauty MediClinic based in Knightsbridge. When I am in Dubai, I work out of downtown. I also coach via Skype and it's just as effective!



1 hour session = AED 1000

Package of 8 hour sessions = AED 7,500

Package of 12 hour sessions = AED 11,000

Package of 16 hour sessions = AED 14,500

Package of 20 hour sessions = AED 18,000


For every direct referral that results in a package purchase, the client

undergoing coaching with me will receive an additional discount of AED 500.



You can benefit from the following discounts at Omniya, in London for the duration of working with me:

- 10% on all products

- 10% on skin treatments with Natali Kelly

- 10% on clinical nutrition with Peter Cox

- 15% on facials with Kelly Payne

Bonuses in Dubai Health and Beauty centres are coming soon!


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