Born in the UK to a Scottish mother and a Saudi Persian father and raised in Jeddah with strong links to my Persian kin in Europe, my heart is undoubtedly Middle Eastern and my mind is an amalgamation of Eastern and Western thought.


My personal experiences and cultural mélange gave way to what seemed, a reflective and passionate nature, often pondering the social and psychological paradigms that shape us. Eager to unveil my curiosity, I returned to the UK where I graduated with First Class Honours in Communication, Authoring and Design and worked in a range of communication disciplines between London and Abu Dhabi for ten years onward.


Grateful for the exciting experience and exposure I had gained, I realised it was time to unlock a deeper sense of purpose.


Building on my personal and professional background, a love for writing and a deep interest in human behaviour and development, I embarked on a journey with a list of goals where life coaching and writing were at the heart of it.


Having obtained several certifications in fields including Leadership, Influencing Skills and Emotional Intelligence from institutions such as Harvard Business School and GE, I went on to complete my Coach Training Program and NLP Practitioner's License. And it is here where I began the best part of my career to date, working with international clients who help me grow every day. Click here to learn more about my coaching.


In tandem, I explore the subject of wellness, lifestyle and human behavior through my blog and freelance writing as well as my interest in creating bespoke and personalised sentiments. Click here to learn more about my writing.


I am playful and curious with an appetite for losing myself in a steady continuous stream of something or other. If the pen and paper accompany me, I will be found in the shades of sketching portraits, the rhythmic words of writing poetry or the depths of writing a book about my story which begins in Saudi Arabia and ends with social knowledge becoming my refuge.


And when the pen and paper are at rest, I take great solace and joy in swimming, dancing, cooking or hosting dinners for loved ones.


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